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Mgr. Pavel Dočekal

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The Hammer Dulcimer Music Band MAJERÁN

The hammer dulcimer music band MAJERÁN comes from a town in South Moravia - Blansko. All tourists know this town very well because it is situated in the vicinity of the fascinating Moravian Karst. In this area they can admire both the karst formations and historical sights. MAJERÁN plays folk songs originating in Moravia, Bohemia, and Slovakia. In its repertoire there are both familiar songs which the audience like to sing along and lesser-known melodies illustrating the folklore of various regions.

MAJERÁN plays not only for listening but also for dancing. To wear an abundantly hand-embroidered national costume stylized according to the traditional highland costume is for the musicians self-evident. Unlike other bands there are not only men but also women in MAJERÁN, so the audience can enjoy listening to songs performed by women which most bands do not include in their repertoire. The members of MAJERÁN usher in their songs by themselves. If required, they speak English or German. After the concert it is possible to buy CDs or ask for a certain song to be performed.

In fact you can choose from several kinds of performance:
If you are interested, just give us a call and order a performance. If we are free on that day, then it is no problem if you call just a few hours before you want the show to start. You don’t need to provide for our transport, we see to it ourselves, including performances in foreign countries.

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